What can you expect at the time of service?

The three part process, achieved in one or more visits, is explained below


Often not required as a separate visitation, inspections are still vital for treatment of unwanted pests. Expect to have areas in and around the home inspected for indications of active pest activity, past activity, and/or conditions conducive for unwanted visitors.


There is a variety of applications which could be used, depending on the pest(s). Sprays, dusts, baits, mechanical devices, and/or a combination of them. Any and all precautions will be taken to ensure safety of your loved ones, both animal and human.
You will be given information on all products used. Any questions can be answered before, during, or after the treatment. 

Follow Up(s)

Depending on the infestation, situation, and/or pest being treated, follow ups can range from a phone call, to several more visits. This will be discussed prior to the treatment, to ensure you are comfortable with the arrangements.

"I don't see any prices.."

Prices vary per job. Each program can be customized based on specific needs or wants.

To request a free quote, please contact us with the following:

Service address
Type of service desired
Type of pest (i.e. Rodents, insects, both).

"What services are included with a program?"

An inspection before treatment is mandatory.  The structure and surrounding area will be assessed for conducive conditions and any pest activity.  Tamper proof rodent devices will be cleaned and reset/rebaited.  Spider webs are removed from the exterior of the home with a web remover. 

The exterior is treated with a pesticide application made around the structure's exterior perimeter, and occasionally around the exterior windows, doors, eaves, soffits, etc..  Rarely, but for some target pests, shrubs, bushes, and lower level tree branches are treated.

"Do you service the interiors of homes?"

Interior's of homes can be inspected with each visit, but it's not mandatory.  If requested, Eventide will perform an inspection of the interior, and can provide a treatment as well.  Have no worries about a mess left behind -- our muddy shoes/boots will be covered with shoe covers.

"What preparations should I make for my services?"

Generally, no extra steps need to be taken for regular treatments. It is advised to keep pets away from the treated areas for a duration of 1 hour or more, depending on the products used. This will vary from home to home.

"What does full coverage imply?"

Nature can be unpredictable. If a covered pest issue arises between your regular visits, have no worries. Eventide will promptly work to absolve it, at no extra charge.

"I'm not covered for this pest, should I call?"

Yes! Please don't hesitate! Even if the circumstances warrant a more in depth treatment plan, expect to see a current customer discount applied. 

"What's the deal with the guarantee?"

After the initial treatment, there will be a short time period for the products to take control.  This varies with pests, and can be from 1 day to 3 weeks.  The guarantee starts on the initial treatment day.  This company was founded on flexibility and fairness.  Special conditions can be arranged for the guarantee time frame as to ensure a customer is covered. 
Within that 30 day window you have our Full Coverage for the specified treated pests.  We will return to the service address, and work to absolve the specific pest issue at no added costs.  

"Flexible Plan sounds complicated. How does this work?"

Basically a price lock. Based on your needs, you set a number of estimated visits, and pay as you go. Don't use them all? No fees. Used them all up and need more? No problem!

"Why set an estimated number for the Flexible Plan? Couldn't I request a visit each week?"

Two questions because they share an answer. Spacing out appointments is necessary, as most products cannot be reapplied for 7 to 30 days. Also, over applying insecticides can become damaging to the environment, water ways, and local wildlife.

"I would like to cancel."

We request 30 days "written notice". Text, email, mailed letter - as long as it's in writing. If you're contract terms have been fulfilled, there are no cancellation fees. It is required for the removal of all equipment (devices no being serviced cannot be left in or around your property).

"What "contract terms" have to be fulfilled to cancel?"

If you were referred into Eventide Pest Control as part of our Referral Program, there are agreed upon terms within your contract.  Rule of thumb - customers are financially obligated for half of their signed contract.  This includes all payments up to your cancellation date. 

"What types of payments do you accept?"

Invoices can be emailed and paid via Credit Card.  Mailed checks and money orders need to include an invoice number.